How to Weekly Meal Prep in Under 90 Minutes

Weekly meal prep can be a weekly torture if you are not someone who enjoys the kitchen. It can literally be such a struggle to spend hours in the kitchen prepping for the week. Maybe you don’t meal prep at all because of the time it takes. This article will give you 5 different recipes, … Read moreHow to Weekly Meal Prep in Under 90 Minutes

Four Easy Steps to Achieving Goals in 2018

achieving goals

2018 has arrived! This is a big year for me. I graduate college this year. I am exponentially growing my business this year. My goals circle around changing the lives of women through fitness, my own health, and changes for the future. I am sure that you have goals for 2018 as well. So how … Read moreFour Easy Steps to Achieving Goals in 2018

Top Instagram Fitness Workouts of 2017


It’s Christmas time… and it’s that time of year you go uh ohhh. A few too many chocolates and a few too many glasses of celebratory champagne can make you jeans feel just a little too tight. Making memories is so important, so enjoying yourself, though in moderation when it comes to food, is essential. … Read moreTop Instagram Fitness Workouts of 2017

Six Step Guide on How to Lose Weight

how to lose weight

There are so many different articles and people telling you how to lose weight. Some are ridiculous in their absurdity. Some are extremely complicated. I decided that it was time to break down how to lose weight into six easy steps. Will you lose 10lbs in 10 days with these steps? Probably not. Will you … Read moreSix Step Guide on How to Lose Weight

Gratitude Quotes: 28 Day Morning Gratitude Challenge

gratitude quotes

Today I want to give you a challenge that is slightly different than usual. Gratitude quotes, or affirmations, are an excellent way to start your day. I have personally been utilizing this in my own life, and have noticed that when I am consistent with it, I feel better. I have an inner peace that … Read moreGratitude Quotes: 28 Day Morning Gratitude Challenge

Your Fitness Questions Answered: Q&A and Full Body Dumbbell Workout


I decided to shake things up with this blog post! There are times when I feel that video is much more powerful than text. This is one of those times! I am answering your questions about fitness. Stick around until the end of the video for some great information and a full body dumbbell workout!

Fitness Question and Answer

We all have questions when it comes to fitness. The five questions that I am going to answer in this video are:

  1. How much cardio should I do?
  2. I’m currently going to school, working full-time, and have other commitments. I want to make working out a priority but can’t even fit in just an hour long workout per day. What should I do?
  3. I want to clean up my diet but I am a fussy eater. Any suggestions?
  4. What is an active rest day, and how many times per week should I take one?
  5. I am getting less sweaty during my workouts. Am I slacking?

Full Body Dumbbell Workout

This fitness routine is going to kick your butt in less than 30 minutes.

The Protocol

5 exercises. 45 seconds work/15 seconds rest per exercise. Complete an entire round of all exercises. Rest one minute. Repeat for a total of 5 rounds!

The Exercises

Dumbbell Thruster- The key here is to keep your core tight and to drive through your heels! Make sure that butt sinks down below parallel!

Half Burpee with Dumbbell Concentration Curl- This is a fun fitness move! You are going to do a half burpee with dumbbells, but instead of standing up after you jump your feet back you are going to stay in a squat and perform a hammer curl with your elbows tight against your knees!

Dumbbell Overhead Curtsy Lunge- Repeat this move for about 20 seconds per side, then switch. Keep the core tight, arm straight, and weight in the front heel!

Renegade Row with Triceps Push-Up- Wooohooo this is a burner! Core tight, row with one arm, then the other, then hit that triceps push-ups. This is not a fast move. Take your time!

Side Lunge with High Pull- Do this move for 20 seconds on each side. Keep the weight in the heel of the leg you are lunging with. Keep that core tight!

Drop It Like Its Hot

If you liked this style of blog post, let me know in the comments! Every blog post will not be like this, but I can add some more in like this if you liked the style! Also, if you have any fitness questions you would like answered please drop them in the comments as well! I want to be able to answer as many questions as possible for you guys! Happy sweating!

How to Find Fitness Work Life Balance

work life balance

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The Best of May 2017- Fitness, Food, and Fun!

may 2017

This post is going to contain all of my favorite things from May 2017. Everything from workouts to YouTube videos to my upcoming goals are going to be included in this post. Be sure to let me know if any of these suggestions and resources help you out! I want to know what you guys … Read moreThe Best of May 2017- Fitness, Food, and Fun!

Couch to 5k 28 Day Training Plan

couch to 5k

Summertime is here, which means that we want to spend as much time outside as possible. After working inside all day, the last thing most people want to do is go spend more time inside a gym. This couch to 5k training plan will get you fit as well as get you outside! The couch … Read moreCouch to 5k 28 Day Training Plan

4 Move Gorgeous Glutes Workout

glutes workout

Who doesn’t want a round, high booty? This gorgeous glutes workout is short on time and equipment yet long on results. Get ready to make that booty burn! Technique Tips As an overall comment that applies to each of these exercises, mind muscle connection is key to targeting your glutes. So don’t be thinking about … Read more4 Move Gorgeous Glutes Workout