The Good Morning Workout

The Good Morning Workout

You wake up in the morning all stiff and sore. Some people can hop right out of bed and go for a run or do an intense workout. Not you. You need a morning workout that will make you feel looser before parking your butt behind a desk for the rest of the day. This morning workout can be in your pajama’s. Or you can do it when you get out of the shower so your muscles are slightly looser. This is also a good workout to do before bed or at lunch time. 

Why Should I Do a Morning Workout?

This is really up to you. You don’t have to do any movement in the morning if you don’t want to. However, I challenge you to try doing this workout 3 times in one week. See how you feel on those days when you do the workout versus those days that you don’t. Is your mind a little clearer? Are your muscles less stiff? Do you have more energy? These are all effects that I have noticed by doing at least 10-15 minutes of movement in the morning.

Does my Morning Workout Have to Be Intense?

NO! This is why I said 10-15 minutes of MOVEMENT. Just get your body flowing before stuffing yourself into your pantsuit and motor off to the office. Personally, weather permitting, I like to get outside and do an easy walk/jog for about 15 minutes first thing, then I do 5-10 minutes of yoga to stretch out. Just get the blood flowing and allow yourself to give 10-15 minutes to yourself every morning to move.

The Good Morning Workout

Sun Salutations- 3x through

Repeat the next series of exercises 3x though!

Frog Squats- 45 seconds

Plank to Downward Dog- 45 seconds

Yogi Squat- 45 seconds

Dolphin Pose- 45 seconds

Glute Bridge- 45 seconds

Plank Knee to Elbow-45 seconds

Wrapping It Up

Whew!! You got a little sweat in. Your muscles feel warm and loose. Now you are ready to tackle your day!! This workout shouldn’t take you more than 20 minutes and you will feel the effects all day. Drop your favorite move from this workout in the comments!!

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