How to Weekly Meal Prep in Under 90 Minutes

Weekly meal prep can be a weekly torture if you are not someone who enjoys the kitchen. It can literally be such a struggle to spend hours in the kitchen prepping for the week. Maybe you don’t meal prep at all because of the time it takes. This article will give you 5 different recipes, … Read moreHow to Weekly Meal Prep in Under 90 Minutes

Belly Fat: To Detox or Not to Detox?

belly fat

Skinny tea! 3 day detox! The flat belly detox! 21 day weight loss detox! Whoa. Hold the phone. You can drink tea for 14 days and lose all your belly fat? ❌❌❌ WRONG! If these products don’t work, why can people sell them? Maybe you are thinking, “hey, I have seen people lose weight using X detox!” … Read moreBelly Fat: To Detox or Not to Detox?

A Day in the Life: Full Day of Eating

a day in the life

I am addicted to a day in the life videos on YouTube. A couple of my favorites are Heidi Somers and Amanda Bucci. For some reason it is weirdly entertaining to watch someone else, perhaps because we can forget about our own day to day life for a bit. However, I decided that it was … Read moreA Day in the Life: Full Day of Eating

Six Step Guide on How to Lose Weight

how to lose weight

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Healthy Holiday Coffee Drinks for Coffee Lovers

coffee drinks

Holiday coffee drinks are flat out delicious. The cool weather and holiday feel lends itself to warm indulgences. However, these holiday coffee drinks can also wreak your had work in the gym, pack over 60g of carbs and over 50g of sugar per drink. Here are some healthier holiday coffee drinks to keep you warm, … Read moreHealthy Holiday Coffee Drinks for Coffee Lovers

5 Crock Pot Recipes to Get You Lean

Long and busy days make it difficult to put a healthy meal on the table at night. Most crock pot recipes are too heavy and rich to fall in line with your fat loss plans. The combination makes it dang near impossible to juggle all the balls. Unless, you have 5 crock pot recipes that … Read more5 Crock Pot Recipes to Get You Lean

5 Mason Jar Recipes: Meal Prep Your Full Menu!

So, I am sure that you have seen the mason jar recipes before. Most of the time they are salads, and they are so cute!! Using this idea, I decided to come up with a menu for an entire day that can be meal prepped in mason jars. Mason jars are not only cute, but … Read more5 Mason Jar Recipes: Meal Prep Your Full Menu!

Copycat Starbucks Tea- 8 Homemade Shaken Iced Teas

starbucks tea

We all love us some Starbucks tea once and a while. However, the cost to our wallet and our health can be too much to warrant that shaken iced tea. I am personally addicted to a shaken Starbucks tea. So, I decided that it was time to create some homemade shaken iced teas that are … Read moreCopycat Starbucks Tea- 8 Homemade Shaken Iced Teas

Your Fitness Questions Answered: Q&A and Full Body Dumbbell Workout


I decided to shake things up with this blog post! There are times when I feel that video is much more powerful than text. This is one of those times! I am answering your questions about fitness. Stick around until the end of the video for some great information and a full body dumbbell workout!

Fitness Question and Answer

We all have questions when it comes to fitness. The five questions that I am going to answer in this video are:

  1. How much cardio should I do?
  2. I’m currently going to school, working full-time, and have other commitments. I want to make working out a priority but can’t even fit in just an hour long workout per day. What should I do?
  3. I want to clean up my diet but I am a fussy eater. Any suggestions?
  4. What is an active rest day, and how many times per week should I take one?
  5. I am getting less sweaty during my workouts. Am I slacking?

Full Body Dumbbell Workout

This fitness routine is going to kick your butt in less than 30 minutes.

The Protocol

5 exercises. 45 seconds work/15 seconds rest per exercise. Complete an entire round of all exercises. Rest one minute. Repeat for a total of 5 rounds!

The Exercises

Dumbbell Thruster- The key here is to keep your core tight and to drive through your heels! Make sure that butt sinks down below parallel!

Half Burpee with Dumbbell Concentration Curl- This is a fun fitness move! You are going to do a half burpee with dumbbells, but instead of standing up after you jump your feet back you are going to stay in a squat and perform a hammer curl with your elbows tight against your knees!

Dumbbell Overhead Curtsy Lunge- Repeat this move for about 20 seconds per side, then switch. Keep the core tight, arm straight, and weight in the front heel!

Renegade Row with Triceps Push-Up- Wooohooo this is a burner! Core tight, row with one arm, then the other, then hit that triceps push-ups. This is not a fast move. Take your time!

Side Lunge with High Pull- Do this move for 20 seconds on each side. Keep the weight in the heel of the leg you are lunging with. Keep that core tight!

Drop It Like Its Hot

If you liked this style of blog post, let me know in the comments! Every blog post will not be like this, but I can add some more in like this if you liked the style! Also, if you have any fitness questions you would like answered please drop them in the comments as well! I want to be able to answer as many questions as possible for you guys! Happy sweating!

Healthy Food List: An Alphabet of Benefits

healthy food list

Having a healthy food list is an excellent way to stay on track. This particular healthy food list is based around nutritious whole foods chosen for their nutrient profile. This is not a comprehensive list. To make things interesting, I picked one food for each letter of the alphabet. Mixing things up and trying new … Read moreHealthy Food List: An Alphabet of Benefits