About Me

About Me

Welcome to my health and fitness blog! I created this blog as a way to push myself to become better in the fields of health and fitness while also helping other people by sharing what I have learned and continue to learn these fields.

Now, I am sure that you want to know all about me. Just kidding, but I do want to learn more about you, so I figure you should know at least something about me. My name is Cat and I am currently a junior at Bates College in Maine studying mathematics! I am a fervent reader who loves a good romance/mystery (Nora Roberts anyone?). I am addicted to pinterest, coffee, and anything lemon. My family means more to me than anything, and I absolutely love big family events.

My passion for health and fitness started in high school. All the way through school I was a three sport athlete: field hockey, basketball, and softball. I had always been fairly athletic, super self conscious about my body, but I had never really been HEALTHY. My senior year of high school I decided not to play basketball, it just really wasn’t my thing. I wasn’t going to sit around and do nothing for four months, so I decided to start going to the gym with my boyfriend. Bodybuilding.com and Jamie Eason’s Livefit Trainer really got me started on my passion for lifting. I immediately started seeing the changes in my body the iron brought on and I was addicted. I became an ISSA certified personal trainer and specialist in fitness nutrition and have been a fitness maniac ever since.

So why should you read this blog?

I have spent considerable time and effort over the last four years to learn as much as I can about health and fitness and I feel that I should share that information with other people who wanted information from someone just like them. I have a huge passion for showing women that being strong and healthy is beautiful. Society has put so much pressure on girls and women to look a certain way, but everyone is different and I want to show women that confidence comes from being healthy and happy. A size four or a size fourteen, everyone should strive to be the best THEM they can be. Lifting heavy, working hard, and believing in are the best tools that I have learned.

I have looked at so many different blogs and different ways to earn money from home, and now I want to share with you what I have tried! Whether you are trying to earn just a few extra dollars a week or a couple hundred dollars every month, I have found ways that anyone can utilize to boost their income from home. College girl, new grad, or just someone trying to make ends meet I hope that I can help you by sharing what I have learned.

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