How to Add Intensity to Your Workouts

Hit a plateau? Looking for better results? Try these tips to ramp up the intensity of your workouts!

At some point in time, we all fall into a rut with our workouts. We do the same routines over and over, getting frustrated when we don’t see results. This article will show you ways to ramp up your workout by adding intensity, without adding time. Get more done in the same, or less, time … Read more

14 Day Whole Food Diet Challenge

whole food diet

We all lead extremely busy lives which can make it hard to follow a whole food diet. When we think of whole foods, we tend to think about hours of meal prep and expensive foods. This 14 day whole food diet challenge is going to simplify your life and your diet while making you feel … Read more

7 Ways to Get Motivated During Your Fitness Journey

get motivated

Getting motivated to keep pushing in your fitness journey can be tough sometimes. Maybe you have hit a plateau or maybe you are super busy with life. No matter what the reason, sometimes we all need a little extra motivation to achieve our goals. Here are seven way to get motivated and crush your goals! Set Up … Read more

The Best Back Exercises to Banish Fat

best back exercises

Back fat. Every woman’s biggest pain in the butt. Bra too tight? Jeans a little snug? You notice it before anything else. Running endless miles on the treadmill and starving yourself will not get rid of the dreaded back fat. So what will? Picking up those heavy weights to pump out these back exercises and fueling … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Home Gym for Under $250


You know that 3 o’clock feeling of being at work, wanting to be home, and knowing that you still have to go to the gym? Or maybe you are stuck at home in the middle of a snowstorm and the gym is closed? Perhaps you just flat out prefer working out at home. Any or all … Read more

Shake It Up With These 5 Fit Fall Protein Shakes


You know that feeling when you get so tired of the same ol’ same ol’ post-workout shake? I know that I definitely get like that. That’s why I decided to put together a list of my 5 favorite fall protein shakes to welcome in the new season and to mix-up my post-workout nutrition. Before we … Read more